January 31, 2013

2012 Hockey Books

A look at the upcoming 2012 hockey book releases:

1972 Summit Series: The Untold Story
Angela James: First Superstar of Women's Hockey
A Season In Time by Todd Denault
A Wild Stab For It by Dave Bidini
Barry Melrose: Dropping The Gloves
Battle On The Hudson
Bernie Parent: Unmasked
The Best Of Down Goes Brown
Best Seat In The House by Jamie McLennan
Brass Bonanza Plays Again
Breakaway: Untold Stories of Hockey's Great Escapes
Captain James T. Sutherland: Battle for HHOF
Chicken Soup For The Soul: Hooked On Hockey
Coach: The Pat Burns Story
Concussed! - Keith Primeau and Kerry Goulet
Crosby's Golden Goal by Mike Leonetti
Derek Sanderson: Crossing The Line with Kevin Shea
Dit: Dit Clapper and the Rise of the Boston Bruins
Empire Of Ice: Rise and Fall of PCHA
Flyers Lives by Jakki Clarke
The Goal That United Canada: 72 Amazing Stories
Gold Mine To Gold Medal by Ivan McLelland
Hockey Hall of Fame: Book of Jerseys
Hockey Night In Canada: 60 Seasons
Hockey Now!
"Hockey Smut"
Hockeytown Doc
The Instigator: (Gary Bettman Bio)
Journeyman by Sean Pronger
J.R. by Jeremy Roenick
La Coupe A Quebec (Quebec Bulldogs)
Leave No Doubt by Mike Babcock
Long Shots: Maritime Hockey
Original Six Dynasties: Detroit Red Wings
Marcel Pronovost: A Life In Hockey
Next Goal Wins! by Liam Maguire
Paul Henderson: The Goal Of My Life
Red Rising: The Washington Capitals Story
Refereeing Identity: Cultural Work of Canadian Hockey Novels
Reflections 2012: NHL Hockey Year in Photographs
Selling The Dream by Ken Campbell and Jim Parcels
Sports Illustrated: The Great One
Stanley Cup: 120 Years of Hockey Supremacy
Stickhandling Through The Margins: First Nations Hockey
Straight Shooter: The Brad Park Story
Sudden Death: 1986 Swift Current Broncos
Tales From The Locker Room
Team Canada '72
The Hockey News Top Ten
This Sweater Is For You
Titans of '72 - Mike Leonetti
Wearing The "C" by Ross Bernstein
Year of the Los Angeles Kings

Young Adult
Accidentally On Purpose
Rookie by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Children's Books
Adirondack Kids: The Pond Hockey Challenge
Hockey Canada: Learn All About Hockey Coloring and Activity Book
H Is For Hockey: NHL Alumni Alphabet
Hockey Superstars 2012-13
Marshall Plays Hockey
The Puck Hog 2
Over At The Rink: A Hockey Counting Book
Puckster (two titles)

Foreign Books
37 Stories About Karlis - Latvia

Prague Winter 1933 by Roger Godin


Peter,  December 19, 2012 at 6:47 PM  

As an idea, I think you should do a list of top NHL history books. Basically a list of the best books to read for someone learning about NHL history (many doing so now due to the lockout). Many of them are also in their teens or 20s so they don't know much about NHL history before the 90s or mid-90s.

McFarlane books like Stanley Cup Fever, Eric Zweig's done some similar ones I think, general stuff like Best of Hockey History special edition by THN, etc.

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