October 8, 2012

The Best of Down Goes Brown by Sean McIndoe

Much to the chagrin of many of the dinosaurs in the mainstream media, every once in a while a new media blogger can make it big. The dinosaurs will have you believe the bloggers are writing anonymously in their underwear from the basement of their parents house. The truth is that these dreaded bloggers often have as much knowledge and insight (or, depending on the individuals, lack of both) as much of the mainstream media.

In the hockey world, no one has broken the snubbed blogger barrier better than Sean McIndoe. Better known online as "Down Goes Brown," McIndoe has combined an astute sense of humour with an innate understanding of hockey on and off the ice to create the hilarious hockey blog empire. He has expanded it to Canada's national newspaper - the National Post. And now he debuts his very first book - The Best of Down Goes Brown

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In this era of social media everyone - mainstream media very much included - think they are comedians (and political pundits, too, it seems). But to pull it off time and time again is such a rare ability. Humour in hockey can be even tougher, due to how loyal and educated the audience tends to be. McIndoe does it brilliantly. Even if your favorite team or player is the butt of his joke, you have to laugh because he is bang on. And I truly believe this has much to do with his knowledge of the game as his ability to joke and write. He thoroughly has studied both current events and the game's grand history.

If you've been online or on Twitter for any length of time, chances are you know Down Goes Brown to some degree. Undoubtedly you will give this book a look-see when you are at your favorite bookstore. If you're looking for a good read (including a lot of new content exclusive to the book) and a lot smirks and laughs, this is an excellent choice for hockey fans.

But don't take my word for it. Take the word of the mainstream media. It is absolutely mindboggling how accepted this underwear blogger has become in the hockey world. The book opens to nothing but praise from the likes of Bruce Arthur of the National Post, Jim Lang from the Fan590 and several Sportsnet personalities. TSN's Bob McKenzie and James Duthie both contribute forewords.

Duthie and McIndoe, in my estimation, are the two funniest guys in hockey. Duthie has the power of television behind him, not to mention a best selling book. McIndoe has the internet and Twitter on his side, and now he too will undoubtedly have a best selling book.


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