June 29, 2012

Leave No Doubt by Mike Babcock

Mike Babcock, head coach of the Detroit Red Wings and Team Canada's gold medal winning 2010 Olympic team, has penned his own book called Leave No Doubt: A Credo for Chasing Your Dreams

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Mike Babcock is a fascinating individual, in my opinion. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he has a certain set of values that govern not only his hockey team, but his life. Babcock now shares his credo, using the much celebrated 2010 Olympics as his storyline.

The book does not quite know what it wants to be. It's partly and Olympic diary, but it only hints at what could have been a truly fascinating inside look for hockey fans. It's part self-help book, like something Jack Canfield or Stephen Convey would write. But the delivery style lacks polish and focus. Babcock would have been better advised to emphasize his major themes of his philosophies and present the book under those headings.

Ultimately what this book lacks is a major publisher behind it. Babcock chose to support his Alma Mater by having the University of McGill publish the book. As a result the book is oddly presented, from weird use of spacing and margins to the ill-advised presentation of content.

I hate to be critical of this book, because there are some very good teachings to be learned, whether you are an aspiring hockey player or coach, an enthusiastic fan who wants to implement Babcock's teachings into their athletic, business, academic, or personal life.

Leave No Doubt was Team Canada's Olympic credo in 2010 and have always Mike Babcock's outlook on life. These words - leave no doubt, every day counts, our determination will define us - inspired not only 23 hockey players, but a nation. Reading Babcock's approach to succeeding in life is relevant to people of all interests and ambitions.

This book may not be the blockbuster that it could have been. But it remains an intriguing option for hockey fans everywhere.


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