December 8, 2012

Wearing The C by Ross Bernstein

Wearing the "C" insignia on the uniform-a badge of honor reserved for team captains-is professional hockey's highest honor, and this study discusses how many of the NHL's all-time greatest players were captains.

The exciting new book - Wearing the "C": Leadership Secrets from Hockey's Greatest Captains - an entertaining and enlightening blend of hockey stories and leadership lessons-reveals the secrets of hockey's greatest captains by asking questions such as:
  • What does it take to lead a team to championship? 
  • What are the keys to overcoming unexpected adversity? 
  • How does a captain manage strong egos from diverse backgrounds into a unified, focused team? 
To get the inside story, author Ross Bernstein interviewed more than 100 of the all-time greatest captains, assistant captains, and head coaches, including Wayne Gretzky, Scotty Bowman, Phil Esposito, and Joe Sakic.

For me this is a fascinating read. I thoroughly enjoy the chance to learn leadership skills from people I admire. Specifically I like to see how hockey leadership can translate to the real world. Now you have to sift through the collection of quotes to find the real gems, but I believe everyone can take away something of value from this book and apply it in their own lives.

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