September 7, 2012

37 Stories About Karlis: Karlis Skrastins Book Available In Latvia

I came across this tweet from @GirtsMataleao about a new hockey book in Latvia about the late Karlis Skrastins.

The book is called 37 Stories About Karlis and appears to only be available in Latvian. I have no idea if an English release is in the works or if this book will ever make it's way to North America.

Skrastins of course is a former NHL defenseman who lost his life along with the rest of his teammates and coaches when the plane carrying Russian hockey league team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed a year ago.

The book's website is also in Latvian. Using Google Translate here is what I've learned about the book.

Journalist Guntis Keisels compiled by legendary hockey Charles Skrastiņa family and friends telling stories of the book "37 stories of Karl."

Karlis Skrastins will remain eternally 37 years old, which he had filled with great events, emotions, loved ones and, of course, his great love - hockey. This book has many authors. Both the Charles family and friends, teammates and coaches who shared their memories and sports journalists who wrote these stories.

"37 stories of Karl" is a monument to Latvian boy who found his early call for the ability to reach your goal and left themselves so many good atmiņu.Grāmatā much a human story that will be interesting and any good hockey fan, as well as those who Karl heard the news broadcasts.

Number "3" and "7" Charles Skrastiņa - Iron Man - fate was significant. He was destined to live for saturated and purposeful life 37 years to become one of the most prominent and effective Latvian hockey players. The figures were on the hockey shirts, car and phone numbers. He had three daughters. All evil on 7 July. September at three in the afternoon.

Involved in producing a book - Wife Zane Skrastiņa, Mom Eve Skrastiņa, brother Atis Skrastins, coach Leonid Beresņevs and Oleg Znaroks, team members Rodrigo avalanches, Girts Ankipāns, friends Maris Akmentins, Aija Steel, Robert Štelmahere, journalists Mariss Anderson, Dainis Āzens, Ingmar Jurisons Guntis Keisels, John Matulis, Ilze Pole, Armand owls, Mr. Zemberga and many others.

Book issued by the publishing house "Penguin Books," and from 5. September it will be available in bookstores across Latvia.


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