July 27, 2012

Original Six Dynasties: Detroit Red Wings by Bob Duff

Notable hockey historian/author Bob Duff debuts a promising new series with Original Six Dynasties: The Detroit Red Wings

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Lindsay. Abel. Howe. Sawchuk. Decades later, the names still resonate with Detroit Red Wings fans. The Wings were the dominant American-based team of the NHL's so-called Original Six era, when teams played each other 14 times a season, and rivalries were bitter. Often referred to as the New York Yankees of hockey, Wings GM Jack Adams would have none of it. "The Yankees," he said, "are the Red Wings of baseball."


Anonymous,  December 15, 2013 at 4:49 PM  

Has another date been given to obtain autograph copy of Original Six Dynasties: The Detroit Wings" by Bob Duff. Original date was at Chelies.

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