October 5, 2012

Prague Winter 1933 by Roger A. Godin

The United States men's hockey team has only won the world championship on one occasion. Can you name when?

It happened way back in 1933 in Prague. The Americans, who a year earlier won a silver medal at the 1932 Olympics, were led by the likes of Winthrop "Ding" Palmer up front, John Garrison on defense and Gerry Cosby in net.

Chances are if you knew the answer to this question you will be very interested in what follows. And hopefully if you did not know the answer you will be intrigued to explore more.

Roger A. Godin offers something a little bit different for hockey book enthusiasts At the 2012 Society for International Hockey Research annual general meeting in Halifax, Godin presented his paper of the 1933 World Championships - the only hockey World Championships ever won by the United States.

Now Godin, who by day works as the Minnesota Wild's team curator, is making his paper available to anyone who is interested. For just $3 postage and handling, you can read all about the tournament, the players and the only American world hockey championship to date. The Americans, represented by the Boston Olympics (aka Massachusetts Rangers) went undefeated in Prague, knocking off the Canadians in a thrilling 2-1 overtime victory.

It's not a true book, but it is a well presented offering. If you are interested in American hockey history or early international hockey history, you will not be disappointed.

Remember it is yours for only $3 to cover the shipping. Please contact Roger at rgodin@wild.com for all inquiries.


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