January 23, 2011

Hockey Books Make Kirstie's Day

Let's face it - hockey, like most sports, has always been dominated by males. In the last 20 years or so that has started to change some, as women's involvement in hockey is more and more accepted and anticipated. On the ice, on the broadcasts and in the stands.

Let's add on the bookshelves now too.

With a few very rare exceptions, hockey books (all print journalism really) has been completely dominated by men. But did you know that the best selling hockey author in the world right now is a woman?

According to the Globe and Mail Bestseller's list, Kirstie McLellan Day has two of the top ten books in all of Canada. She helped Bob Probert write his autobiography Tough Guy. And, still selling strong from 2009, she also helped write Theo Fleury's shocking autobiography Playing With Fire.

The only other hockey book ranked in the top ten non-fiction books in Canada right now is Don Cherry's Hockey Stories Part 2.

McLellan Day may is undoubtedly on par with the likes of Stephen Brunt and the late Jack Falla when it comes to hockey's top writers. Her ability to retell the tragic stories of Fleury and Probert while maintaining all the raw emotion is amazing.

That being said, she's leaving tragedy behind in her next project. Watch for Ron MacLean's autobiography in 2011!


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