November 22, 2010

HBR Bestsellers List

Here's the Bestseller's List, as ranked by affiliate sales:

  1. Tough Guy by Bob Probert
  2. The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys by James Duthie   
  3. Don Cherry's Hockey Stories Part 2 by Don Cherry 
  4. The Hockey Book by Sports Illustrated
  5. Canucks At 40 by Greg Douglas, Grant Kerr
  6. Final Call by Kerry Fraser
  7. Best of the Best by Scott Morrison/Hockey Night In Canada
  8. Eddie Shore And That Old Time Hockey by C. Michael Hiam 
  9. The Greatest Game by Todd Denault
  10. They Call Me Killer by Brian Kilrea/James Duthie 

Here is the Hockey Bestsellers. And here is the Hockey Bestsellers list.

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