October 31, 2008

Last Free Excerpt From Don Cherry's New Book

The Globe and Mail has published the 6th of six excerpts from Don Cherry's new book Don Cherry's Stories & Stuff. Here's all six excerpts:

Part 1: All About Grapes
Part 2: So I Says "What The Hell?" So I'm Going Down Swinging
Part 3: The Nastiest Guy I've Ever Seen Was The Rock
Part 4: The More You Hurt Him, The More He Liked It
Part 5: You Couldn't Believe The Snowstorm
Part 6. Is There A Guy Who Plays Around Here? Mulberry?

On Monday, November 3rd I will have my full review of Don Cherry's Stories & Stuff. Then on Tuesday, November 4th, I will compare his new book to his original book from 1983, Grapes: A vintage view of hockey.


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