July 4, 2008

2008 Hockey Book Preview: Don Cherry's Hockey Stories And Stuff

The book: Don Cherry's Hockey Stories and Stuff, Hardcover, 288 pages
The Author: Don Cherry with Al Strachan
The Publisher: Double Day Canada
Release Date: October 28, 2008
Pre-order: Amazon - Chapters

Book Description
He has been named an NHL “Coach of the Year” with a winning percentage of over .600 and an AHL “Coach of the Year.” His comments on Coach’s Corner routinely make headlines; they entertain, educate, and often enrage. For all his controversy no one can deny the popularity he enjoys, popularity that was reflected in his top 10 ranking in the competition for “The Greatest Canadian.”

Quite simply he is a Canadian icon, and you can imagine the stories he has to tell.

About The Author
Don Cherry needs no introduction. So here's what he has to say about his first book in 25 years:

I’d like this book to be just like we’re sittin’ down tellin’ stories in my own language. I know I’ll be criticized because for some reason people are not too thrilled with the way I speak.

In fact, CBC wanted to fire me my first month on Hockey Night in Canada. The brass told my boss, Ralph Mellanby, “This guy is awful. Get him off the air. We owe it to the English-speaking children of Canada.”

I stayed because Ralph, who had just won an Emmy or somethin’ for the Olympics, said, “If he goes, I go.”

But Ralph stayed and said, “I have to admit, Canada is a land of two official languages and Cherry speaks neither.” It kinda hurt my feelings.

So don’t blame Random House or Al Strachan for the way the book is presented, I wanted the book to be like a couple of guys sittin’ down with a few pops tellin’ hockey stories.

I hope you enjoy it.

Joe's Note
While I don't know exactly what to expect with this title, I can guarantee this book will be a top seller this fall. And don't be so quick to dismiss Cherry as a literary giant. His 1983 autobiography Grapes: A vintage view of hockey was a great read.


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