September 6, 2021

Book Review: Hockey Quotes by J. Alexander Poulton


J. Alexander Poulton is a hockey book machine. He has mass produced almost 50 titles, most about hockey. They almost always follow the same small, paperback format. They are always affordable, and while they aren't going to win whatever hockey's version of a Pulitzer prize is, they can be fun reads.

One of my favorites is Hockey Quotes. It is compilation of quotes from and about the hockey world, nothing more nothing less. It's a fun little diddy to pick up now and again and flip through, whether you are looking for a little hockey wisdom or humor. 

Coaches are always very quotable. Perhaps it is because a big part of their job is to talk to the media. But I've always enjoyed a few zingers from the coaches. Here's a few included in the book

"I know my players don't like my practices, but that's okay because I don't like their games." - Harry Neale.

"I've got nothing to say, and I'm only going to say it once." - Floyd Smith.

"There are still two or three guys who aren't willing to pay the price to win a game. This is not Wal-Mart. There are no discounts in this league." - Ron Wilson.

"Your playing gets worse and worse every day, and now you're playing like it's next week." - Herb Brooks.

"I'm not the greatest coach in the world. But if you look around this room you'll see that I don't have the greatest players, either." - Boom Boom Geoffrion. 

"You've got to get players to do what they don't want to do," Ken Hitchcock.

"Maybe one of the qualities of being a great coach is being a jerk. There are quite a few of them around." - Larry Robinson


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