October 5, 2017

S is for the Stanley Cup

Sleeping Bear Press is back with another strong addition to their collection of children's hockey books

Noted hockey author Mike Ulmer has teamed up with the talented illustrator Chris Lyons to give us S is for the Stanley Cup.

Not surprisingly, the book teaches kids the alphabet, with a hockey reference given for each letter. It's a tried and true formula. Sleeping Bear Press has done it before with Z is for Zamboni and H is for Hockey.

This book will keep mom and dad entertained as much as the kids. While the kids are studying the wonderful artwork with dreams of hockey greatness developing somewhere in their heads, mom or dad can read out loud about some of the fascinating stories in the Stanley Cup's 125 year history. I guarantee parents will learn something about the Stanley Cup and hockey history while passing on the love of the game to their children.

There are two things I encourage parents to do it is to instill the love of hockey and the love of reading in their children as early as possible. This book is a great way to accomplish that. It will undoubtedly be a favorite read - for child and parent alike.

The suggested interest level is ages six to nine, while the suggested reading level is grade two.


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