October 12, 2017

Hockey Then To Wow

Sports Illustrated intended this book to be for kids, but I have to tell you this is a fantastic hockey history book that any hockey fan can enjoy.

In fact, my recurring thought upon the inaugural flip-through was this is the book the Canadian Museum of History or the Hockey Hall of Fame should have put out to promote their exhibits.

Aside from the choice of font and a few of the cartoony graphics, you quickly forget this was supposed to be a kids book. I would say it is an excellent introductory hockey history book for anyone, any age.

The book looks at the greatest players over the years, compares the evolution of the equipment and coaching strategies, and celebrates the records and great moments in hockey history. The women's game, some of the crazy characters over the years, and even the fans get their due, too.

While it is a great introductory hockey history book, even the most seasoned hockey fan will enjoy looking through this wonderfully presented title.

Sports Illustrated also has similar books for baseball and football. It's a safe bet basketball will get it's book next year.


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