October 5, 2017

Hockey Daze by Rolf Remlinger

You may know of Rolf Remlinger and his hockey comics called Hockey Daze.

Remlinger has been capturing all of hockey's silliness, as he uniquely sees it, with his cartoons for over 25 years now. He has taken some of his favorites and compiled them in his very own book.

The book is well done. It's the kind of book you can read from cover to cover, or just leave on the coffee table and read the odd page from time to time for a good laugh. The cartoons have a certain "Far Side" feel to them.

The key to a collection of hockey comics like this is the cartoons have to a certain timelessness to it. It doesn't matter if it the actual event was from a different generation. Each selected cartoon can resonate with even the most casual of fans.

Because the collection covers so many unique situations over such a long time, it is an interesting form of a hockey history book in itself. 

What makes this more of a book than just a collection of cartoons is that Remlinger does provide background information on each cartoon to provide some real value-added content that fans will appreciate. 

That helps turn this from a collection of favorite cartoons into a true book - a true book that will leave hockey fans chuckling all the way through.

For more information visit Hockey-Daze.com or order the book at Hockey-Daze.com/Book. It's super reasonably priced making this a great Christmas buy for young kids or your beer league buddies.


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