November 8, 2014

NHL Treasures: Third Edition

Dan Diamond and the gang are back for a third go at the very popular The Official NHL Hockey Treasures series:

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From The Publisher: Updated to include the 2012-13 season and the 2014 Winter Olympics, this new edition of The Official NHL Hockey Treasures tells the fascinating history of the sport through hundreds of photographs and an exhaustively researched text. As always, it covers the great players and games, but this title really scores with its awe-inspiring collection of 30 interactive facsimiles of hockey memorabilia—inserted right into the book! The artifacts include 90-year-old newspaper reports from the NHL's first games, letters from the President of the NHL, player contracts (including Gordie Howe's deal to play with his two sons on the Hartford Whalers), collectible hockey cards, and much, much more. Hockey fans will treasure this forever.

Joe's Note: I have the first edition of this series only. It is a pricey acquisition, but a fantastic and enjoyable addition to any hockey fan's den. My question is how different are the follow up editions? The publisher blurb says "updated," which leads me to wonder if it is essentially the same book with just recent additions. Or is it a whole new, must-have experience? Seeing as that the books are sold shrink-wrapped so you can't look inside, I turn to you the audience. Does anyone have all three editions, and how different are they?

Regardless, if you don't have any edition yet, you may want to consider putting this on your Christmas wish list. It is a fantastic hockey keepsake.

Update: Here's what co-author Eric Zweig told us on the new Facebook group, Hockey Books - As the one who did most of the updating (and finally got my name on the cover three editions in!), I'd be hard-pressed to say you NEED to have this if you already have one of the first two editions. That said, some of the text has been re-worked significantly, there are some nice new pictures, and there's a new section about the Winter Classic. If you've got 1 and 2 already, I'd think you'd want 3 to complete the set (though I can't imagine many people bought the second edition if they'd already bought the first.) If you don't have any of them, I'd certainly recommend buying this one. The memorabilia inserts all by themselves are pretty cool!


Anonymous,  November 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM  

I had the first edition.. and was given the second -- which was virtually identical to the first!! If indeed the third includes Olympic coverage etc. then it has some "changes/updates".
If you don't have the previous two I'd encourage you to pick up #3. Cheers

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