October 1, 2014

Old Timey Hockey Tales Is Back!

It's taken far too long, but freelance illustrator Rob Ullman is back with another edition of Old Timey Hockey Tales!

Hockey Tales is a brilliant concept. Ullman tells the story of hockey legends, but presents it it in comic strip-style print. this time around he looks at Rocket Richard vs. Killer Dill, Gilles Gratton, Bill Masterton, Gerry Cheevers, Frank "Uclers" McCool, Barry Beck, Alfie Moore and the Miracle on Manchester.

He keeps his biographies short and to the point, but somehow captures the legacies and legends of the said players perfectly. He combines that with expert illustration, making for a most unique project. Think of it as GreatestHockeyLegends.com meets the comic book pages.

I'm a huge fan of his work and I'm glad he's catching on in the hockey literature world. He was also hired by The Hockey News to do illustrations for their new book, The Big Book of Hockey Fun

Old Timey Hockey Tales is only available through his website.


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