September 11, 2014

Hockey Confidential by Bob McKenzie

Hockey Confidential by the original hockey insider Bob McKenzie
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Joe's Note: This may be my most anticipated new hockey book of 2014. Bob McKenzie first book, Hockey Dad, was a wonderful surprise and allowed us to see a different side of our favorite TV/internet hockey insider. Now he's back with the book many of us were expecting from him in the first place - a book about being a hockey insider. Only I suspect it will surprise us with more wit and humour rather than too many surprise secrets.

From The Publisher: Over 500,000 hockey fans follow Bob McKenzie on Twitter and millions more on TSN-no one has the access or breadth and depth of experience when it comes to hockey.

Now in his very first book on the NHL, Bob goes behind the scenes, covering the inside stories, the lesser-known personalities and the events that shape Canada's game. He talks to Bobby Orr about Connor McDavid (touted as "the next Crosby"), reveals the actual stats that NHL coaches and scouts use, and explores what it's like to be Don Cherry's son. Entertaining, insightful and a damn good read, Hockey Confidential is a must for every hockey fan.


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