January 12, 2014

Warriors On The Ice: Hockey's Toughest Talk

Want to write a hockey book? One tried and true hockey publishing route is to interview hockey tough guys. We've seen quite a few over the years, and undoubtedly will see quite a few more.

New author Brian D'Ambrosio offers the latest such book. It's called Warriors On the Ice: Hockey's Toughest Talk. At this time it available only as Kindle e-book, though there may be a print deal in works for the future.

I have yet to read the book yet so I can not comment on the content. It is extensive at over 250 pages. And the list of players interviewed is impressive:

1) Jim Agnew
2) Paul Baxter
3) Ken Belanger 
4) Riley Cote
5) Craig Coxe
6) Gordie Dwyer
7) Mike Hartman
8) Tim Hunter
9) Jamie Huscroft
10) Kevin Kaminski
11) Ed Kastelic
12) Darin Kimble
13) Paul Kruse
14) Reed Low
15) Kevin McClelland
16) Jeff Odgers
17) Jim Peplinski
18) Cam Russell
19) Reid Simpson
20) Daryl Stanley
21) Jason Strudwick
22) Chris Tamer
23) Rocky Thompson
24) Ryan VandenBussche
25) Jay Wells
26) Brendan Witt
27) Richard Zemlak
28) Doug Zmolek
29) Glen Cochrane
30) Tony Twist


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