October 6, 2013

Hockey Books In The News

Here's a look at some hockey books in the news this week:

Of Pucks and Prime Ministers

What is the worst part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's book about hockey? - That is just one of the questions (and title of the article) that MacLean's magazine's Scott Feschuk cheekily looks to answer.

Questions such as how anticipated is this book? Feschuk concludes, "It’s probably more accurate to say that people are “awaiting” the book in the same way they “await” things like Coldplay albums or the bus—with an indifference tinged by faint curiosity. Or perhaps I’m naive and throngs will flock to Chapters at midnight, dressed as their favourite characters. (Dibs on Skene Ronan of the Renfrew Creamery Kings!)"

I think that short passage gives you a hint of why you should Feschuk's article. It's not much of a real book review but it is an entertaining, light read poking lots of fun at Canada's favorite sweater wearing - and now hockey book writing - Prime Minister.

Romancing Dave Keon

Michael Enright of CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition recently sat down with Dave Bidini to talk about his new book, Keon And Me. The new book reminds of us our romantic relationship with hockey.

“I think Keon was the most complete hockey player,” Bidini said. “Harry Neale told me that if you were down by a goal, he was the player you most wanted out on the ice to score. If you were up by a goal, he was the player you most wanted out on the ice to protect the lead. He played a very tough, fierce game, but an honourable game.”

“He was celebrated for being a non-violent player, for playing the game the right way, and that’s antithetical to so many of our figures in hockey through today. People talk about Sidney Crosby and say, 'He’s gifted, but he’s tough.' Jarome Iginla’s gifted, but he’s tough. No one ever says, 'He’s tough, but he doesn’t fight.'"

Bidini fans, and there are many, will also want to read this feature article from The Torontoist, where he talks about hockey, Canadian identity and childhood heroes.

Maritime Heroes

In other news, the Cape Breton Post looks at Philip Croucher's new book "Road To The NHL." The book chronicles the life and careers of NHL stars from Canada's Maritime provinces. That includes Sidney Crosby, Al MacInnis, Willie O'Ree, Brad Richards and Mike McPhee, as well as lesser knowns like Scott Pellerin and Norm Ferguson.

(Wheat) Kings Of The Game

The Regina Leader-Post talks to Darrell Davis about his new book Fire On Ice: Why Saskatchewan Rules The NHL. Davis has made a living covering the CFL's Saskatchewan Rough Riders but he has a very personal connection with the hockey world, too. His dad, Lorne, played in the NHL, which made researching this book so enjoyable.

"It was wonderful when I got to talk to Glenn Hall and Elmer Lach and guys who played with my dad. I talked to Marc Habscheid about growing up in Saskatchewan and he reminisced with me because the Oilers drafted Marc Habscheid. It was a lot of fun (researching and writing the book) because of my father. And my sister (Liane) is a power-skating instructor who teaches a lot of these guys in the off-season. She taught Jordan Eberle how to skate."

Tough Guy Hints At Book

I had to look up who this guy was, but the Montreal Gazette caught up with Al Globensky, a former Montreal junior sensation who never made the NHL. He was a fan favorite tough guy who now is speaking out against fighting in hockey. He hints he is hoping to release his own book in the future.


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