September 8, 2013

A Very Hockey Christmas

All Nicholas wants for Christmas is . . . everything hockey!

Nicholas can hardly contain his excitement leading up to Christmas. There's only one thing on his wish list: hockey gear!

When the big day arrives, Nicholas is ecstatic to discover that he got what he asked for! Only — uh oh — nothing is quite right . . .

When Nicholas realizes he's not the only one with this problem, he has a big one-size-fits-all idea to save the day.

A Very Hockey Christmas is a 32 page children's book is put out by Scholastic. It is written by Gilles Tibo and illustrated Bruno St-Aubin. They have teamed up in the past to bring us hockey titles such as Where's My Hockey Sweater?, The Big Game, and The Best Goalie Ever. Check it out!

Buy A Very Hockey Christmas at or Chapters. You can also buy the book in French - Le Noël de Nicolas


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