November 12, 2013

The Hockey News: The Biggest Of Everything In Hockey

The Hockey News' latest book, The Biggest of Everything in Hockey is a mix of all things, well, big in hockey's past and present. It is a book for fans of all ages.

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Chapters feature the biggest player, the biggest feud, the biggest brawl, the biggest save, the biggest goal, the biggest upset and the biggest comeback. There are lots of fun topics like the biggest nose, the biggest fashion faux pas, the biggest beard and even the biggest fan!

A number of honourable mentions are acknowledged in each category, offering readers with great stories about larger than life figures, events and oddities in hockey history. 

The Hockey News annually puts out up to a couple of book releases each fall. If you've been reading my blog long enough you know I've been critical of the production value of THN texts in the past. The Biggest of Everything in Hockey escapes that criticism due to their glossy presentation with colour photos. The high quality display really compliments what THN offers best - a team of high quality writers.

That combination gives readers exactly what they expect from The Hockey News - a book worthy of being under every hockey fan's Christmas tree.


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