June 17, 2013

Metro Prystai Book Coming

This is Metro Prystai. "Meatball" as his closest teammates called him.

Not a lot of people remember Prystai. He's 85 years old now. He last played in the 1957-58 season. While he was a real useful player in his day, he was not exactly a household name like Gordie Howe or Rocket Richard or Teeder Kennedy.

He was also never one to toot his own horn. In fact some residents in his hometown area of Yorkton/Melville Saskatchewan knew him best as a star baseball player in the summer time and not everyone realized where he disappeared to in the winters - to the National Hockey League.

That is just one of many stories author Frank Block shared with me. Block has a new book about Metro Prystai coming out later in August 2013. The collection of old time hockey stories Block has amassed is amazing, making this book a promising title.

I will share more about the book as it comes available. Block has started sharing some content, including audio format interviews, at his website MetroPrystai.com.

You can also read my full Metro Prystai biography here.


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