December 10, 2011

My Country Is Hockey

I got My Country Is Hockey really late in the 2011 calendar year, which is unfortunate because it is a fantastic book. Had I received it earlier it definitely would have garnered serious consideration for 2011 Hockey Book of the Year.

I earlier lamented how fellow 2011 hockey book "How Hockey Explains Canada" really explained nothing at all. If you are looking for explanations, buy this book instead.

Just how did the Canadian self-image become so linked to hockey in the first place? Brian Kennedy examines this question and other as he grapples with what being a Canadian really means. Discover:

  • Why violence is so deeply engrained in hockey culture, and how those roots can be traced back to a single, seminal moment in Canadian history

  • The origins of the game to see which community can rightfully claim to be the birthplace of hockey

  • The deep imprint hockey has made on our culture, from national institutions such as Hockey Night in Canada to the symbolism of the Stanley Cup

  • How Canada’s values and fighting spirit have been shaped by the toughness and teamwork on the rink.

  • “An intelligent and reflective look at hockey's place in the fabric of Canadian society... [My Country is Hockey] might be the best read of the current season's hockey offerings.”
    -Eric Duhatschek, Globe and Mail sports columnist
    My Country is Hockey is an interesting self examination of Canada and Canadians, examining the game's history and myths that have interacted to create an interesting self image.

    An intellectual but by no means a heavy academic read, this is the kind of book that I personally need more time with. I need more time to process what this book is saying so that I can decide what I agree or disagree with. But that is the best part about this book. It asks questions, offers hypothesises and, best of all, makes you think about your game, your country and yourself.

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    About the Author

    Brian Kennedy was born and raised on the outdoor rinks in Montréal, and although he now lives in California, he remains a true Canadian. Brian holds a PhD in English and teaches at Pasadena City College, but his freelance sports writing is his real calling. He covers the Anaheim Ducks and the LA Kings, and his insider access combined with his scholastic background makes Brian Kennedy one of the world’s few true “hockey academics.”

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