November 28, 2011

IIHF 2012 Guide And Record Book

Most of you are very familiar with the annual National Hockey League Guide and Record Book. Well now us international hockey fans will have to make more room on their bookshelf as the IIHF has gotten into the same game. Out in late 2011 is IIHF 2012 Guide and Record Book

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At 640 pages this colossal Guide includes information on every top level event, every IIHF member nation, and, indeed, every player to appear in even a single game since international hockey first took hold in 1920. In all, more than 12,000 players are included, as well as every coach, every referee, every linesman and every stat imaginable.

The 2012 IIHF Guide and Record Book is the official and only complete source of information for international hockey. It covers all top-level events from the Olympics to World Championships to junior events, from men's hockey to women's hockey, from 1920 to the past and present seasons.

At 640 pages, it contains the scores and standings for every international game and event ever contested, the statistics for every player, coach, and on-ice official in IIHF competition history, and the results and histories of every nation that has ever participated in an IIHF event. Full of information on every aspect of the international game, this is the one and only source fans will need if they are interested in the World Junior Championship, Team Canada, or any other aspect of the international game.

With a special section on the World Junior Championships taking place in Alberta this Christmas, this is the most important book hockey fans will need this season.


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