November 24, 2011

Amazing Stories: Maurice Richard

One of the newest additions to the popular James Lorimer and Company Amazing Stories series is Maurice Richard: The Most Amazing Hockey Player Ever. It is written by Chris Robinson, who, among many projects, previously wrote Stole This From A Hockey Card about Doug Harvey.

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The Amazing Stories series, attractively priced at $9.95, is a set of true and Canadian stories from the past. These mass market paperbacks are aimed at younger readers, yet I do not find the writing to be too young to insult an older reader by any means.

In fact, this is a solid introduction to the great story of one of hockey's all time greats, regardless of age.  While there are no shortage of literary offerings on Rocket Richard. And this one offers nothing new. But this book nicely covers the basics, and very possibly will encourage the reader to dig deeper and look at other books on the subject.

All in all, this is a solid stocking stuffer idea for the budding hockey history buff on your shopping list.


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