September 10, 2011

Why The Leafs STILL Suck by Al Strachan

Strach is back, and at it again. Sometimes I swear he does this stuff not to make a living, but just to needle Brian Burke.

You may remember back in 2009 controversial writer Al Strachan released the straight-to-the-point book Why The Leafs Suck And How They Can Be Fixed. Well, he's back with an all new and update version of that book here in 2011. And of course, what else would you call it but Why The Leafs Still Suck

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Now updated to include both the disastrous 2009–10 season and the 2010–11 season, Al Strachan covers what’s gone wrong and why. With behind-the-scenes access and forty years of fascinating Leafs personalities and stories, Al discusses

* How the downfall started and how Harold Ballard perpetuated it
* Why fans were once again ill-served in the battle for club ownership after Ballard’s death
* The three wasted first-round draft picks in one season
* Why the Leafs passed on Wayne Gretzky
* How the Phil Kessel trade will impact the team for years to come
* Why Brian Burke may not be the saviour Leafs fans are hoping for
* And most important, what can be done—how other teams have had success and thrived in the salary-cap era

For fans who love the Leafs (and those who love to hate them), Why the Leafs Still Suck is a revealing and sometimes shocking inside look at professional hockey.


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