August 18, 2011

Greatest Hockey Legends: The E-Book

As the hockey season gets closer, I will be releasing my first e-book. This will be my third book, as I previously released World Cup of Hockey: A History of Hockey's Greatest Tournament (with the incomparable Patrick Houda) and The Legends of Team Canada to store bookshelves via Warwick Publishing..

Other than to say it will be a collection of stories with as much of a personal touch as possible, I will be releasing more information about my e-book as the season nears. I have not settled on a title just yet, but project is something along the lines of James Duthie meets Jack Falla.

Since this is my first e-book, I wanted to play with the software to familiarize myself with the process. As such, I have released a small e-book Greatest Hockey Legends of the Winnipeg Jets simply for practice purposes.

It is a small project, and really is nothing like my main e-book I will be releasing later. I will leave the Jets e-book available for now, at the bargain basement price of $0.99. I would consider any purchase of the book as essentially a donation, but also an opportunity for feedback. Let me know what you think, what you like and what you don't like. Do you have any experience or advice with e-books, either as a user or a consumer?

To view the e-book you will need a Kindle or the Kindle App for your iPad/iPhone/iPod or whichever device you do use. I look forward to getting some feedback.


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