July 8, 2011

Over The Line by Al Strachan

When major publishers Fenn and McClelland and Stewart merged, that was great news for hockey fans. They appear committed to becoming hockey's foremost publisher.

One of their projects for 2011 enlists hockey writing heavyweight Al Strachan in Over the Line: Wrist Shots, Slap Shots, and Five-Minute Majors. Roy MacGregor writes the foreword.

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The book is a 288 page trade paperback. Here's more from the publishers:

Bestselling author and Toronto Sun sportswriter Al Strachan is a permanent fixture in the illustrious world of professional ice hockey. His opinion, backed by an extensive knowledge of the game and his sharp sense of humour, is read and enjoyed by millions of fans internationally. He has established unique and personal relationships with the biggest names in hockey from every generation and era and it is through these contacts that Strachan can step Over the Line to obtain exclusive access to information.

Strachan has been writing about hockey for over forty years. He has experienced first-hand all that the game has to offer. From Stanley Cup victories, miraculous saves, and incredible goals to devastating hits and world class bouts, Strachan has been there to report on the most exciting, controversial, devastating, frustrating, humorous and talked-about episodes in the history of the game, whether it's Stanley Cup victories, miraculous saves, and incredible goals or devastating hits and world class bouts. In his latest adventure, he relives tales from the rink that will fascinate, amuse, shock, and entertain all fans of the game -- from dressing-room banter between player and coach to insider information on the League's revenue sharing program. It's all here, glorious page after glorious page of stuff that any fan of hockey must read.


Anonymous,  December 9, 2011 at 11:06 PM  

Als hockey opioun is horrible. Just horrible. But he's surprising a good author because he does his research. He just need to keep his opioun out of his books.

Anonymous,  December 27, 2011 at 9:42 PM  

Al's knowledge of the inner workings of the NHL is great. He tells it as it is, especially about certain NHL GMs.

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