July 4, 2011

A Thrilling Ride: Vancouver Canucks 40th Anniversary Season

Greystone Books is excited to announce that it has teamed up with The Province and The Vancouver Sun to publish A Thrilling Ride: The Vancouver Canucks' Fortieth Anniversary Season — a lavishly illustrated tribute to the Vancouver Canucks’ historic march through a sensational season that left them one win away from the Stanley Cup.

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The Vancouver Canucks' game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup final left a bitter taste in the mouths of Canucks fans. Such a bitter taste that it is so easy to forget that the Canucks enjoyed their greatest season in franchise history. Forgotten in all the disappointment are some of the greatest memories Canucks fans have ever had.

That's what is great about A Thrilling Ride: The Vancouver Canucks' Fortieth Anniversary Season. The book therapeutically allows Vancouver fans to relive the great campaign that was full of celebrated highs and historic achievements. In that sense, this book is almost a must-have for die hard fans.

Vancouver’s best sports writers—including Ed Willes and Gord McIntyre of The Province and Cam Cole and Iain MacIntyre of The Vancouver Sun—share their insights into the stellar play, the determined players, the overtime heroics, and the passionate fans, while more than 125 full-colour photographs record the dramatic action. Edited by Paul Chapman and Bev Wake, the book also includes a heartfelt foreword by former Canucks coach Pat Quinn.

A Thrilling Ride takes fans on a journey through the entire 2010-2011 season, from the opening-night introduction of the Canucks Ring of Honour to the emotional ceremony to retire former captain Markus Naslund’s jersey, and from the President’s Trophy victory through all four rounds of the play-offs, including the Canucks’ redemptive victory over archrivals the Chicago Blackhawks, to the final and formidable face-off against the Boston Bruins. The book is also a tribute to Canuck Nation—the enthusiastic and devoted fans who celebrated each victorious moment and suffered through each painful setback. A Thrilling Ride is dedicated to these passionate fans who—with faces painted and towels in hand, some in green spandex body suits—cheered relentlessly, long after the final buzzer. Fans who—after hooligans and upstarts attempted to destroy their city—showed up in the morning to restore order to the streets.


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