October 20, 2011

The Magnificent Mario by Mike Leonetti

Long time readers of this website know I am a huge fan of Mike Leonetti's long running hockey history themed children's books. 2011 sees the newest book to the series - The Magnificent Mario

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The book is also available in French

This time around the illustrations are provided by a fellow named Gary Chatterton. He takes the series of a books to an amazing new level with the life-like illustrations are simply amazing. If nothing else, just crack the spine of this book to admire the art work.

Product Description: A young hockey player learns the value of playing one's best — no matter what the circumstances — from real-life hockey hero Mario Lemieux!

Tyler is already a big Mario Lemieux fan, but he still loves looking at his dad's memento — Mario's rookie card — and hearing about how Mario started out with the worst team in the NHL. Tyler is also on the worst team in his league, and losing so often gets very frustrating.

He is inspired by his hero's work on the ice, especially as he watches Mario through the 1990-91 season, giving a magnificent performance during the playoffs, and, of course, scoring an unbelievable goal against the Minnesota North Stars in the finals.

As Mario and the Pittsburgh Penguins become the Stanley Cup winners, Tyler learns that things can change, and a team can become stronger if you give your best — the way Mario did for his team.

About the Author - Mike Leonetti has written numerous books for both children and adults about the good ol' hockey game. His current picture book series with Scholastic is about hockey heroes and includes titles such as Wendel and The Great One, The Rocket, and The Mighty Tim Horton. A lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Mike lives in Woodbridge, Ontario, with his wife and son.

Gary Chatterton's incredibly life-like illustrations have appeared in advertising campaigns for major corporations such as Molson Canada, Labatt, Bell, and the Biodome de Montreal. Gary lives in Beloeil, Quebec.

Interested in this title? Previous history-themed children's titles by Leonetti include The Mighty Tim Horton, Wendel and The Great One, Maple Leafs A-Z, Gretzky's Game, The Greatest Goal, The Goalie Mask, Number Four, Bobby Orr!, A Hero Named Howe and My Leafs Sweater.


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