June 9, 2011

Grilling With Salming

Just in time for the summer BBQ season, here comes Borje Salming with his own cookbook! The Swedish "King of Barbecues" has put together Grilling With Salming where he cooks up steaks, fish, veggies and even deserts. I'm not sure if there is any Harold Ballard egg recipes.

Buy The Book: Amazon.ca- Chapters 

This book will test the theory that any book somehow involving the Toronto Maple Leafs will succeed. With the promotion machine behind it, I suspect the book will sell well.Speaking of the marketing machine, you can meet Borje Salming at a book promotion event on May 19th at the Indigo Books store at Toronto's Eaton Centre.

Here's more about the book from the publisher, HarperCollins:

Borje Salming is known for being a real tough guy. One of the first European hockey players to star in the NHL, he boasted a seventeen-year career with the Toronto Maple Leafs and earned a reputation as one of the strongest and best-respected defencemen in the game. He became known as “The King.”

Back in Sweden, Salming is still known for his defensive skills, but even more for his grill skills. There, he’s known as “the King of the Barbecue.”

Grilling with Salming follows the King as he tackles steaks, fish, veggies and even desserts. Not only does he share his favourite recipes with us, he also talks food and hockey memories, from both Sweden and Canada. He is just as proud of his Lapp heritage as he is of his status as an ice-hockey legend, and this book combines both northern Swedish and North American cultures, spiced with a good dose of Salming’s unrivalled fighting spirit. As he puts it: “One thing I learned on the ice was, he who dares, wins. The same thing applies to barbecue. The more you barbecue, the braver you get!” For hockey and bbq fans, this book scores.


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