March 10, 2011

Great News For Hockey Book Enthusiasts

When HB Fenn, a leader in the hockey book genre, declared bankruptcy earlier in 2011, hockey fans had the right to be concerned.

But there is great news to report this week - Jordan Fenn has joined McLelland and Stewart, and he's bringing his focus on the hockey market.

"On Wednesday it was announced that Jordan Fenn is joining McClelland and Stewart as publisher of a joint Fenn/McClelland & Stewart imprint, which will focus on hockey books. 
“I am excited to welcome Jordan to McClelland and Stewart as a publishing partner,” said Doug Pepper in a press release. “McClelland and Stewart is enthusiastic about the opportunity to help ensure the ongoing publication of, and grow the readership for, this successful hockey book program in Canada and the U.S.” 
The first book to be published by the imprint is the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Championship book, to be released in June."
Here's more from The National Post.


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