February 6, 2011

Georges Laraque Defends The Bone Cage

In case you have not yet heard, former NHL tough guy Georges Laraque is defending the Canadian novel The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou on CBC Radio's Canada Reads.

Here's a nice article on CBC's website.

The former NHL tough guy is so confident about the book he’ll be defending in this week’s Canada Reads debates, he’s already landing haymakers on the rest of the literary field.

“It’s called Canada Reads. Can-a-da. Which means what book would the majority of Canadians be more attracted to read? And what is the biggest event that the country loves every four years? It’s the Olympics. People love our Olympic athletes.”

“I truly believe the more people who will read this book, the better the support will be for our Canadian athletes,” Laraque said. “Instead of always complaining about the number of medals we’re winning, we’re going to understand the struggle they go through.”

Here's the full story.


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