December 29, 2010

Bargain Hockey Books At Chapters

Looking for good deals on hockey books? Be sure to check out Chapters Bargain Book Section. Hockey books marked down and available online include:

  • The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters: $21.95 now just $3.99
  • The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters 2: $19.95 now just $3.99
  • Best of Hockey Night in Canada: $29.95 now just $5.99
  • The Complete Hockey Dictionary: $29.95 now just $6.99
  • The Great Canadian Hockey Phrase Book: $13.95 now just $3.99
  • The Meaning of Puck: $29.95 now just $5.99
  • Brad Richards: A Hockey Story: $17.95 now just $3.99
 Also, Chapters facilitates used book sales, where you can find ridiculous prices on older hockey books. You can find it all in the Chapters Bargain Book Section.


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