November 22, 2010

Getting The Edge by Gabrielle Vanderhoof

Hockey is one of the fastest and most exciting team sports in the world, but the speed and hard-hitting contact so important to the game can lead to several different types of injuries. Many young hockey players have a false sense of security, believing wrongly that the protective equipment will keep them safe. Discover the game’s common injuries and read expert advice on avoiding them. Here, you will also find out how to treat injuries, when to consult a medical professional, and how to come back from injury as quickly as possible and stronger than ever. Read about:

• The rules of the game.
• Types of protective equipment.
• Exercises and conditioning that help prevent injuries.
• The importance of good nutrition.
• The dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.

The book is intended for young adult readers. The book is specifically being marketed to schools and public libraries in Canada and the US, although the book can be purchased by the public at Mason Crest's website.


David Williams,  November 30, 2010 at 5:43 PM  

This is a terrific read. My son loved the book, which is always a challenge to keep him reading, and I even read it after him. We have always been big on hockey in our family, but this book really captured some seldom taught and important areas of the game and preparing for it. There are a lot of other books in this series from the publisher and we also recently bought titles on other sports.

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