November 22, 2010

Advice For Young Hockey Players

Last year I featured a cute set of hockey books called Thanks To My Hockey Dad and I Love My Hockey Mom. The charming little books were written and illustrated by the 7 and 8 year old boys and girls on the Flyers Novice AE Team, with a little help from coach Jason Howell, teacher/hockey mom Jennifer Sutoski and the support of none other than Don Cherry!

What a great idea, and what a great way to say thank you to mom and dad for all their efforts to let their kids play hockey. The books were a tremendous success, reaching bestseller status thanks to magnificent distribution and a low price point.

At some point along the way the gang realized they forgot to say thank you to coaches and volunteers. So, the gang is back in 2010, this time with Thanks to My Hockey Coach. And they also decided to help out other young hockey players across the entire world with Advice for a Young Hockey Player. Let's take a look at the latter title here.

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Here's the product description:

The bestselling little authors of Thanks to My Hockey Dad and I Love My Hockey Mom have been at it again, drawing on their cumulative hockey experience as nine-year-old player prodigies to create the next hockey bestseller: Advice for a Young Hockey Player.

You need to master the basics to be successful in hockey, and this book offers practical advice that young players can use to improve their game. It offers gems of wisdom like “always keep your feet moving” and “don’t be scared of bigger players.” Even more than that, though, it provides a window into young players’ inner thoughts and feelings, and these are often honest, heart-felt, and funny. “If you make a bad play,” one boy reminds us, “remember to look up at your mom and not your dad.”

The colour illustrations throughout are creative, funny, and charming.

There are 570,000 hockey players registered in Canada, and they would all benefit from this simple advice... as would their parents. Parents will enjoy the simple messages, and be gently reminded that hockey is a game, a game we all love, but a game that, most of all, we should let our kids play with joy, love, and passion. It is a game intended to be fun.

About the authors:

Flyers Minor Atom A Team. They have successfully completed Grade 3, and look forward to the challenges and experiences that await them in Grade 4.

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