September 4, 2010

Ted's Take On New Ovechkin Book

A war of words is brewing between Damien Cox, co-author of the new book The Ovechkin Project andTed Leonsis, Ovechkin's billion dollar employer.

Along with Gare Joyce, Cox penned the unauthorized biography of Ovechkin. When Cox spoke critically of Leonsis concerning Ovechkin's contract, Leonsis fired back.

The 13 year deal signed by Alex Ovechkin was a simple deal. His salary is straight-lined across the life of his contract. There was never an issue with the structure of the contract with the NHL. It was all done in the light of day - honest and transparent. By the rules. The writer of this article knows that. He is just mad because he didn’t have access to Alex Ovechkin when he wrote his book. We don’t agree with his point of view in his book and we won’t have anything to do with him and his book now. He is on his own.
The writer can say anything he wants about me. He doesn’t scare me. He just can’t distort facts. We won’t let him and he is being called out on this one right here and now.
Stick tap to Kukla. You can get more information on Cox and Joyce's new book The Ovechkin Project here.


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