June 14, 2010

Putting A Roof On Winter by Michael McKinley

When people ask me for a good hockey book to introduce them to this history of the great game of hockey, more often than not I recommend Michael McKinley's book Putting A Roof On Winter.

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This book is fascinating on a number of levels.

First and foremost is the author's storytelling ability. While he is recreating a factual history of the game of hockey, McKinley makes the book read as if it is a dreamy story, too good to be true. The romance of the past makes you never want to put this book down.

It gives a great account of the beginnings of hockey, introducing us to some of the key people responsible for the game's growth.

The book offers us a great  trip down memory lane, stirring the memories of Howie Morenz, Rocket Richard,  for any fan who remembers a few decades back to players like the Rocket, and has even further, but fuzzy, memories of guys like Turk Broda or Howie Morenz. McKinley covers all the major players and moments of hockey past.

Perhaps most interestingly the book makes the thematic argument that even though much has changed over the years, in many ways much has stayed the same, especially regarding the business side of the game. This was likely by design, as this book was written in anticipation of the 2004-05 labour dispute.

It should be noted that McKinley's offering is by no means a complete history. He brush over a few key names and eras, which is probably necessary. The book is already 320 pages long and any longer it would be just too daunting for most readers and publishers. Unfortunate as that is, I still recommend this book highly. It should turn any fan into a history buff.

It should be noted that the very popular DVD box set documentary Hockey: A People's History and the two subsequent companion books (paperback released in 2009 with new material) were both born out of Putting A Roof On Winter. 

I can't recommend Putting A Roof On Winter enough.

Buy The Book - Amazon.ca - Chapters - Amazon.com


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