May 23, 2010

Blood Feuds by The Hockey News

The Hockey News has put out a couple of books each year for the past few years. One of their new 2010 titles is Blood Feuds: Hockey's Best-Ever Rivalries

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Here's the specs:
October 2010
224 pages
Cover Price: $19.99 

From the Transcontinental Press:

Blood Feuds: Hockey's Best-Ever Rivalries is the perfect guide to the confrontational passion that makes hockey one of the most exciting sports in the world. Through the voices of the players, coaches and owners who made the history, Blood Feuds delves deep into the game's best rivalries, detailing the history and making the stories come alive once again. From marquee player matchups (Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin, Rocket Richard vs. Gordie Howe) to hated owners, battling fan bases and venomous coaches, the entire hockey timeline and teams from all major levels are covered off.

Buy The Book - - Chapters - 

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