March 4, 2010

Trail of the Stanley Cup

This is the ultimate must-have piece for any hockey book collector:

This three volume set is Charles Coleman's historical compendium called Trail of the Stanley Cup. Coleman thoroughly researched hockey history to compile the history the Stanley Cup from 1893 to 1967.

These leather bound volumes are worth hundreds of dollars, or more. There were 1,000 leather bound editions. They were never offered for sale but rather issued to key NHL players and VIPs. This particular issue of "Trail," #97 out of 1,000, belonged to Norm Ullman.

You can purchase this hot collectors item at It includes a scroll like label inside the front cover that reads "Presented to Norm Ullman with the compliments of the National Hockey League."

Previous offerings of Trail of the Stanley Cup have fetched as much as nearly $3,200!


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