March 2, 2010

Timeless Trivia by Scott Madore

As a bit of a rule I am not a huge fan of trivia books. They're fun and all, but the problem is they tend to get out of date pretty quickly. Records are made to be broken, and that means many trivia questions need to be updated over time. It's tough to update a book I bought 5 years ago, and buying books that date quickly gets tiring and expensive after awhile.

Enter Scott Madore. He recognizes this main flaw with the trivia book market, and fixes it with his new hockey trivia book Timeless Trivia: Hockey Facts That Will Never Be Obsolete.

Madore accomplishes this by looking at famous firsts, fascinating milestones, all time bests and past winners. In doing so he compiled 100s of great hockey trivia questions in this 178 page offering.

Interestingly, Madore only focuses his quizzes on big name players. There are no one-feat wonders who no one has ever heard of, only big name stars including most of the games all time greats.

These questions are challenging, too. I like to think I know a thing or two about hockey, but I was constantly surprised by the answers. It was a wonderful way to jog some old memories and to appreciate some more of hockey's amazing history.

I also like how Madore does not just give you the answer, but actually engages the reader with a short dissertation about the event or person, putting the amazing feat into proper context.

So if you're looking for a challenging and fun hockey trivia book, Scott Madore's Timeless Trivia is an excellent choice. You can purchase the title from the author's website.


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