January 25, 2010

Theo Fleury News

Theo Fleury is unveiling his very own video and audio podcasts on his website, www.theofleury14.com.

Fleury talks about current happenings in the world of hockey, bringing his unique perspective on the game as one of the sports' greatest players. His first podcast features discussion about Patrice Cormier's disturbing hit and the Stefan Auger/Alex Burrows incident. With the Olympics nearly upon us Theo also shares his golden memories of 2002.

I was also in conversation with Kirstie McLellan Day, Fleury's autobiographer. She is currently working on new material for an updated paperback release of Fleury's bestselling book Playing With Fire, including Theo's attempted NHL come back and the media blitz about his book.

There is no confirmed date for the paperback release, but I would expect to see it hit store shelves in autumn 2010.


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