January 10, 2010

Einstein's Refrigerator by Steve Silverman

As promised, I will do a monthly Non-Hockey Book Review. It forces me to read something not about hockey. And I figure why not share my thoughts here with you guys. Maybe you'll be intrigued by the book, too.

Einstein's Refrigerator is a collection of oddball but true stories. Usually each story fills 3 or 4 pages in this 180 page book, making it a perfect book to pick up and put down. You can quickly read a passage or two, and learn something real neat.

And learn you will. I had no idea about a molasses flood that plagued Boston, or that George Washington was actually not the first president of the United States, or that for years there has been a chicken, named Mike, who has running around with his head literally cut off.

Some of the stories are a bit crude, like Fartman, and others are downright amazing, like that of Nikola Tesla, the scientist most of us have never heard of but he was smarter than Einstein.

Oh and speaking of Einstein, did you know he spent several years later in life trying to improve the refrigerator?

Did you know that Niagara Falls dried up on April Fool's Day, 1848? Or that Donald Duck inspired inventors on how to raise sunken ships? Or that there is a novel out there that has over 50,000 words in it, not one of which has the letter "e" in it?

I must say I really enjoyed most of the true stories in this book. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an entertaining read. And you'll learn lots, too!


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