January 6, 2010

2 Minutes For Booking: Of Ice And Men by Bruce Dowbiggin

Here's a great quote from Bruce Dowbiggin's book Of Ice and Men:

"They say it is a true story, and even if it isn't, it's too good not to tell. Pugnacious junior Link Gaetz of Spokane showed up at the 1988 amateur draft sporting two black eyes. To everyone in attendance at the Montreal Forum that day, the burly defenseman looked the essence of hockey toughness - to everyone except Glen Sather, that is. Asked to appraise the young prospect, the Edmonton Oilers president, general manager, and, at the time, coach - took one look at the battered Gaetz and said, "I'll take the guy who gave him the black eyes."
Published in 1998 by McFarlane, Walter & Ross, Bruce Dowbiggin's Of Ice and Men is a collection of four biographies. Dowbiggin takes a look at Detroit's great leader, Steve Yzerman; Chris Chelios' two way brilliance; Dominik Hasek's uncanny goaltending; and master architect Glen Sather.

The book is a bit dated, as all four of the profiled legends have added to their stories in the 12 years since the book was published. It is still a good snap shot in time, looking back four of hockey's great when they were at or close to the top of the game.

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how to hockey January 7, 2010 at 9:00 PM  

Haha what a great quote! I have always dreamed of traveling all over the world and playing hockey in all the different countries where they play hockey. Maybe one day I will do it and write a book :D

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