October 22, 2009

Two New Books From Hockey's Trivia King

This is Don Weekes new book World Class Hockey Trivia, one of two new trivia books out by everybody's favorite trivia king.

This book is all about international hockey, which is timely considering the Olympics are coming. Olympics, Canada/World Cups, world championships, the 1972 Summit Series...they're all covered. The questions and games are challenging - I should know, I had the great pleasure on working on this book as a fact checker with Weekes.

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The other Don Weekes entry of 2009 is The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia. Big it is! There is 576 pages with over 800 questions, his biggest compilation yet. It is a combination of the best of Weekes' past books, completely updated, and new trivia. Described as "irreverent, captivating and even bizarre," there are over 800 compelling trivia questions as well as entertaining stories and historic milestones.

Buy The Book | Amazon.ca - Chapters - Amazon.com |

Weekes' books are easy to describe in one word: fun. The trivia questions, in multiple choice format or true and false teases, are guaranteed great ways to learn about hockey. Then there are crossword puzzles, word finds and matching games. You can enjoy these books by yourself or with your friends. They make for a perfect Christmas gift.

Both of Weekes' new titles are published by Greystone.

By the way, here's some Don Weekes trivia for you - Weekes is an award winning television producer-director at CTV Montreal, and his trivia has been used by TV stations, radio stations, websites and magazines all around the world. Most interestingly, his hockey trivia has ended up on cartons of Post cereal and Jell-O Pudding Cups!


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