October 22, 2009

The Hockey Goalie's Complete Guide by Francois Allaire

He is the man behind the success of goalies like Patrick Roy, Jean Sebastien Giguere and other NHL goaltending stars. Currently the goaltending coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, he has held the same position in Montreal, Colorado and Anaheim. The Hockey News named him one of the most influential people in hockey. He is the man who helped revolutionized goaltending to the stage it is at today.

His name is Francois Allaire, and now you can learn from him, too.

Allaire has just released his 4th instructional book for goalies. The Hockey Goalie's Complete Guide: An Indispensable Development Plan is a 175 page full colour paperback book which is perfect for goaltenders of all ages, as well as youth coaches.

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Allaire presents his four year development plan that will help all goaltenders become better at their craft. With step-by-step and clearly illustrated instructions, Allaire teaches basic techniques, skating improvements and on and off ice training methods.

Just as importantly, Allaire teaches goaltenders, coaches, trainers and parents how to evaluate the goaltender's progress both on and off the ice. This guide book wisely includes forms that allow the player, coach and trainer to track a goaltender's progress during games and over the course of the season.

I know if I was a young or even a older, recreational goalie, this beautiful guide book is something I would insist on having.

If I was a parent of a young goalie I would want him or her to learn from Allaire. In fact, I think this book should be provided to youth coaches right across the country, and available in libraries everywhere.

I do know that I will have to buy another copy for my collection. I showed this book to a senior men's league goalie friend of mine so that I could better gauge the book's impact. I think the fact that he refuses to give it back speaks volumes!

After all, Francois Allaire is the best in the business. If you want to improve your own goaltending technique, then you should be ordering up this book A.S.A.P.

The book is published by Firefly Books. If you click on that link you will get see some sample pages and excerpts of the book.


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