September 30, 2009

The Rocket by Mike Leonetti and Greg Banning

Author Mike Leonetti is back with his line of hockey history books aimed at children. In 2009 he has teamed up once again with illustrator Greg Banning to bring us The Rocket, the story of Maurice Richard.

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Previous history-themed children's titles by Leonetti include Wendel and The Great One, Maple Leafs A-Z, Gretzky's Game, The Greatest Goal, The Goalie Mask, Number Four, Bobby Orr!, A Hero Named Howe and My Leafs Sweater.

I am always impressed that publishers take a chance on a children's series devoted to hockey players from decades ago. But clearly the series is a success. You better make room for another hit on your bookshelves, because Leonetti's magic is in full force in The Rocket.

Leonetti tells the story of Rocket Richard through an aspiring young hockey player named Andre. Andre loves the Rocket, and he loves to play hockey. But he gets tired of always being compared to his big brother, the real hockey star of the family. Then one day Andre and his father are lucky enough to attend a Montreal Canadiens game and watch the Rocket score no less than 5 goals.

Sitting beside Andre that night at the game is the star of Andre's hockey league. He discovers that as good as this other kid is, he too constantly has to put up with comparisons to his big brother. I won't give too much away, other than to say Andre learns the other kid's name is Henri.

That night Andre discovers a whole new outlook on hockey, his brother and his family.

It is a real nice story, beautifully illustrated, as always, by Greg Banning. The 32 page book is recommended by Scholastic for readers aged 6 through 10.


Greg Banning September 30, 2009 at 2:44 PM  

Joe, thanks for the review. Mike really came up with a great story.
I'm just glad you saved a bit of room at the bottom of your review for a quick mention of my work. ;)

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