September 16, 2009

Hockey Hero and Polar Bears On Ice

Scholastic has a couple of hockey-themed books aimed at real youngsters. Let's take a look:

Hockey Hero by Jean and Dan Marzollo, Illustrated by True Kelley.
Ages 5-8 - 32 pages with color illustrations throughout.
Reprinted from 1999.
Just $4.99 - Buy The Book - | - Chapters |
Also available in French: | - Chapters |

When Hal and his father move to a new town, Hal is upset to find that he’s no longer a “star” player on the “best” hockey team. Instead, he struggles to make even a single goal while his team battles some tough opposing players. But the worst news comes when Hal’s coach moves him from center to defense. How can he be a star player without scoring a goal? With practice and a new attitude, Hal learns an important lesson about teamwork and having fun!

Polar Bears on Ice by Kate Flanagan
Ages 5-8 - 40 pages with color illustrations throughout.
Just $4.99 - Buy The Book - | - Chapters - |

Spirited Maggie disappoints as a figure skater, so she chooses to play hockey instead. When the Polar Bears get a chance at the championship, Maggie learns about teamwork and guts, and proves herself in a way that surprises everyone—especially herself!


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