June 8, 2009

2009 Hockey Book Previews: Gretzky's Tears and Peter Pocklington's New Book

This is the early cover image release for what will be one of the most eagerly anticipated books of 2009.

Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, Canada, and the Day Everything Changed is written by Stephen Brunt, the fine Globe & Mail columnist and author of the critically acclaimed 2007 release Searching for Bobby Orr.

Brunt dissects the continuing aftermath of the biggest trade in NHL history, looking at the many angles the world of hockey changed after Wayne Gretzky was sold from Edmonton to Los Angeles.

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Interestingly, the book will be sold in the United States with the title Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, America and the Day Everything Changed. Mr. Brunt tells me the two books are basically the same texts, with the American version slightly altered to clarify Canadian cultural differences.

By the way, Mr. Brunt's book will not be the only book looking at the Gretzky Trade. In fact, there is another book coming that is written by the man who traded Gretzky, Peter Pocklington himself. I'd Trade Him Again: Peter Pocklington on Gretzky, Politics and the Pursuit of the Perfect Deal is slated for a mid-October release.

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